On this page, you can find different ways to find user support for KDE software provided by the community.


International Web Pages

If you are interested in viewing the KDE Home page and other attached pages in a language other than English, you can choose from the list at KDE International.

Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a way for large groups of people to keep in touch. It works like an email contact group and to subscribe, you give your email address to the server. You can then send mail to that distribution address and it will go to everyone who is subscribed.

The KDE community has several mailing lists online. You may subscribe and unsubscribe to many of these lists and some others by going to the mailman interface. Older articles can be found in the mailing list archive. Links to application specific lists can be found on their appropriate page.
You can also find a detailed index of KDE related mailing lists.

Additionally, there is a KDE newsgroup called which you can search here.


The KDE community offers Userbase as an online source of information regarding its applications. You can find links to the application pages by searching on Userbase itself, or you can use the link on the application's page.

If you are looking for technical information regarding KDE, you may find Techbase to be more helpful.

Chat Channels

Community support is available in the KDE Matrix Room.

See the List of KDE Matrix Rooms for more specific channels.

More information on the KDE Matrix wiki page,

These tips on asking questions should help you to get useful answers.


Please visit the KDE Community Forums and make a new post in the appropriate forum. A link to the appropriate forum can be found on each application's page.

General Troubleshooting

You can get solutions to common configuration and hardware problems on this Userbase article.


This is where you can find information / news about KDE developers and projects.

KDE.News (The Dot)

KDE.News is the official news web page for the KDE Community. The Dot, is where you can find the official news, Release information, interviews and various other features.

Planet KDE (KDE Community Blogs)

Planet KDE is where you can find out what the community has been working on. This page aggregates all of the developer's blogs into one page. The planet KDE has new blogs daily.

KDE Community on reddit (Kreddit)

This is the KDE community on reddit, a social news site. Kreddit has links to news articles blogs, reviews and application websites from all over the web.