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Plasma 5.9.1 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.9.1 Complete Changelog


  • [KStyle] Don't draw focus indicator on ComboBox entries. Commit.


  • Don't show the version if there's no version to show. Commit. Fixes bug #376036
  • Don't sort resources if the delivery is sorted. Commit.
  • KNS: Improve how we react to error messages. Commit.
  • Use the right name for the method. Commit.
  • Also show passive errors on the console. Commit.
  • Simplify code. Commit.
  • Also expose YaST repository configuration if present. Commit.
  • Fix arguments when running .desktop files with runservice. Commit.


  • Backporting the fixes from master. Commit.
  • Sync the dbus ActivityInfo structure with the framework. Commit.

Plasma Addons


  • Guard against nullptr-access to the OutputPtr. Commit. Fixes bug #372945
  • Apply config change after correcting invalid mode. Commit. See bug #356864
  • No use in setting modes on disabled outputs. Commit.
  • Correct possibly invalid current mode. Commit.
  • Disable unify button when only one output is connected. Commit. Fixes bug #360700
  • Increase precision of refresh rate. Commit. Fixes bug #369422
  • Move back to runtime connection. Commit.


  • Workaround for keys stored with an extra space at the end. Commit.
  • Fix several problems in algorithm of deriving key filename from a prompt message supplied by ssh-add. Commit. Code review #127569


  • Call performMoveResize when we got a new geoemtry during resize. Commit. Fixes bug #374869
  • [autotests] Add test case for resizing window manually. Commit.


  • Fix type argument for get property call. Commit.
  • Isable logging to kscreen.log by default, re-enable with export KSCREEN_LOGGING=1. Commit. Fixes bug #361688
  • Allow changing an output's modelist at runtime. Commit. Fixes bug #356864


Plasma Desktop

  • [Solid Device Actions KCM] Encode action file name. Commit. Fixes bug #344534
  • [Task Manager] Enable "Mark applications that play audio" option only if plasma-pa is available. Commit.
  • Fix i18n extraction in Kickoff Buttons. Commit. Fixes bug #375880
  • Add missing include in sortedactivitiesmodel to fix build with GCC 7. Commit.
  • Add missing include in sortedactivitiesmodel to fix build with GCC 7. Commit.
  • Fix i18n extraction: xgettext doesn't recognize single quotes. Commit.
  • Use consistent default icon in UserManager and Kicker. Commit. Fixes bug #370362
  • Revamp (Activity) Pager wheel handling. Commit. Fixes bug #375769
  • [Folder View] Open selection in preferred application instead of running them. Commit. See bug #375793
  • [Folder View] show script execution prompt when clicking item. Commit. Fixes bug #375793
  • And maybe don't undo the fix while fixing the fix ... Commit.
  • Fix startup warning introduced in 3568d8e4. Commit.
  • Fix clearing selection when rectangle selection contains no items. Commit.
  • Fix Plasmoid.busy visualization in desktop containment. Commit.
  • Call correct function and fix warning. Commit.
  • Fix crash and loss of favorites model on refresh with pagination on. Commit.
  • Make parts of KCM Touchpad interface translatable (Patch by Victor ). Commit.
  • Clip by bounding delegate size instead of Item.clip. Commit.
  • Fix autotest. Commit.

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Elide Network Manager KCM tabs. Commit.

Plasma Audio Volume Control

  • Always check if context is valid when calling pa functions. Commit. Fixes bug #375872

Plasma Workspace

  • [User Switcher] Ungrab keyboard before trying to lock the screen. Commit. Fixes bug #375941
  • React to config change. Commit.
  • [System Tray Containment] Drop useless Q_INVOKABLE from .cpp file. Commit.
  • [System Tray Containment] Ungrab mouse before opening context menu. Commit.
  • [AppMenu Applet] Map from scene after mapping from global. Commit. Fixes bug #375535
  • Fix memory leak in Appmenu when using compact menu. Commit.
  • [Appmenu Applet] Check whether buttonGrid has a window before calling mapToGlobal. Commit.
  • [Digital Clock] Take into account timezone label width for applet size. Commit.
  • [KRunner] In doubt use primary screen for view position. Commit. Fixes bug #375574
  • Drop legacy fixup rule for VirtualBox. Commit. Fixes bug #350468
  • Fix isOutputRedundant logic. Commit. Fixes bug #375507
  • Fix isOutputRedundant logic. Commit. Fixes bug #375507
  • When swapping Wallpapers, save the config to file, not just to propertymap. Commit. Fixes bug #375532


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