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Plasma 5.8.2 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.8.2 Complete Changelog


  • Backporting the fixes from master. Commit.
  • Ensuring proper activity loading when the config file is not complete. Commit.
  • Renamed the configuration transition checker to be explicit about KDE4. Commit.
  • Sync the dbus ActivityInfo structure with the framework. Commit.


  • Disable unify button when only one output is connected. Commit. Fixes bug #360700


  • Properly specify libdrm dependency. Commit.
  • [tabbox] Intercept QWheelEvents on QQuickWindow for scrolling. Commit. Fixes bug #369661
  • Fix shortcut triggering with shift+letter. Commit. Fixes bug #370341
  • [kwinrules] Hide all autogroup related widgets. Commit. Fixes bug #370301
  • Support LEDs in Xkb and libinput. Commit. Fixes bug #369214

Plasma Desktop

  • Disconnect instead. Commit.
  • Test the QMetaObject::Connection instead of using Qt::UniqueConnection. Commit. Fixes bug #370516
  • [Colors KCM] Father theme is reset while saving new theme. Commit.
  • Fix "Default" color scheme. Commit.
  • Let kicker display executable items instead of empty buttons. Commit.

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • When importing an OpenVPN connection set default passwords to be stored in KWallet. Commit.

Plasma Workspace

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