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Plasma 5.7.3 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.7.3 Complete Changelog


  • Fallback to asking the license to the package manager. Commit.
  • Disable changelogs while updating. Commit.
  • Let PresentUpdatesPage decide when to request the changelog. Commit.
  • Make sure we clean up resources properly on pk backend. Commit.
  • Don't fetch the changelogs before setting the resources. Commit.
  • Make sure we'll get Discover if present. Commit.


  • Allowing kdeglobals to override the default activity name. Commit.

Info Center


  • [kcm] Show output name in output preview. Commit. Fixes bug #362570
  • Kscreen kcm: block changed signal after save. Commit. Fixes bug #365467


  • Handle restart of Compositor Scene correctly for Wayland client. Commit. Fixes bug #365471
  • [kcmkwin/compositing] Remove combobox to select between GLX and EGL. Commit.


  • Fixed tabwidget size calculation from contents. Commit. Fixes bug #364426

Plasma Desktop

  • Fix launching new instance by Shift+LeftMouse. Commit. Fixes bug #366340
  • Speed up loading KCM with FileDialog lazy loading. Commit.
  • [Kicker] Disable PackageKit integration (aka "Uninstall app") context menu entry. Commit.
  • Remove dead code. Commit. See bug #365295
  • Anchors in a layout item is always wrong. Commit.
  • Workaround searching lockup. Commit. Fixes bug #365868
  • Correct typo. Commit.
  • Use desktopsForActivty(currentActivity());. Commit.
  • Fixed first time initialization. Commit.
  • Make sure the busy indicator is destroyed when a delegate is reused. Commit. Fixes bug #365183
  • Disable hover event handling until Flow positions delegate. Commit. Fixes bug #366153
  • [Kicker] Add missing config-workspace.h include to appentry.cpp, otherwise it doesn't know if PackageKitQt5_FOUND was defined or not. Commit.
  • Prepare for retiring the C++ text label in Task Manager delegates. Commit.
  • Don't leak the dialog. Commit.
  • Connect to a signal actually emitted. Commit.
  • Fix changes of the filter pattern not being applied immediately. Commit. See bug #365792
  • Loop trough screens only once. Commit.
  • Don't activate it on release events when a drag was started prior to it. Commit. See bug #360219
  • Icontasks is always separate-launchers. Commit.
  • Fix inverted logic. Commit. Fixes bug #365888

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Fix data validation when creating new pppoe connections. Commit. Fixes bug #362175
  • Fix crash when activating VPN connection. Commit. Fixes bug #366164
  • Update security type from wireless network when merging with connection. Commit. Fixes bug #365704

Plasma Workspace

  • Check harder to include only desktops in desktops(). Commit.
  • Properly registering existing activities before loading layout.js. Commit.
  • Allow lnf package to specify a default cont. Commit.
  • Apparently containment() can be null. Commit. See bug #365989
  • Treat IsDemandingAttention as IsOnAllVirtualDesktops. Commit. Fixes bug #365970
  • [shell] Tests moved to new plasma-tests repository. Commit.
  • Don't try to load layout before kamd starts. Commit.
  • Reposition the krunner window if the width changes. Commit.

User Manager

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