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Plasma 5.6.4 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.6.4 Complete Changelog



  • Properly allocate Qt container. Commit.
  • Properly filter progress. Commit.
  • Don't use Qt shadowing macros for final and override. Commit.
  • Use correct API. Commit.
  • Make sure arguments are coherent. Commit.
  • Modernize QApt backend. Commit.
  • Use move constructor. Commit.
  • Modernize constructors. Commit.
  • Remove unused method. Commit.
  • Use the correct descriptions. Commit.
  • Don't load non-package appstream resources. Commit.
  • Fix warning. Commit.
  • Make sure all elements are visible in the CategoryView. Commit.
  • Clean up search a bit. Commit.
  • Be specific. Commit.
  • Add the expected properties of a top level page. Commit.
  • Fix invokation by package name. Commit.
  • Don't use a value that is no longer valid. Commit.
  • Make sure "Dummy 1" always has screenshots. Commit.
  • Don't try to create a component that isn't in a package. Commit. Fixes bug #362228
  • Make sure kcrash is initialized for discover. Commit.
  • When the search is over, let the view decide whether to jump up. Commit. Fixes bug #362087
  • Make sure we don't get increasingly big delegates for the carousel. Commit. Fixes bug #362059
  • Fix prioritary carussel local json file look-up. Commit.
  • Add an arcconfig for phab. Commit.


Plasma Addons

  • Remove highlightMask, it's outdated and unusable. Commit. Code review #127794
  • [Converter Runner] Try QLocale::toDouble to get input value. Commit. Code review #127802

Info Center

  • Remove second list storing duplicate data. Commit. Code review #127864
  • Keep a reference to the Solid::Device whilst using it's interface. Commit. Fixes bug #350861. Code review #127862


  • Fix serializertest by adding missing data. Commit.
  • Make the serializer a bit more robust. Commit.
  • Ix crasher in kscreen kded daemon. Commit. Fixes bug #362586
  • Fix the building of tests in parallel. Commit.
  • Fix typo in README. Commit.
  • Fix generator autotest. Commit.


  • Skip DontCrashEmptyDecorationTest if we don't have a /dev/dri/card0 device. Commit.


  • Validate the config before checking if it can be applied. Commit. See bug #362586
  • Verify rotation when updating screen size in XRandR backend. Commit. Fixes bug #356228

Plasma Desktop

  • Silence warning. Commit.
  • [taskmanager] Stop parsing executables as .desktop files. Commit. Code review #127571
  • Add PowerDevil runner to the AppDash default set. Commit. Fixes bug #362078
  • Add missing namespace. Commit.
  • Fix DND on Folder View containments with locked widgets. Commit. Fixes bug #360578

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

Plasma SDK

  • Correct window icon for Cuttlefish icon viewer. Commit.

Plasma Workspace

  • Kuiserver: use QApplication rather than QCoreApplication. Commit. Fixes bug #348123. Code review #127793
  • [digital-clock] Fix display of seconds with certain locales. Commit. Code review #127623
  • Guard m_controller with a QPointer. Commit. Fixes bug #361985
  • Expand window->desktopentry mapping heuristics to attempt RDN matching. Commit.

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