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Plasma 5.6.1 Complete Changelog

Plasma 5.6.1 Complete Changelog


  • KCM Devices: Fix tooltip text for add/remove buttons. Commit.


  • Fix drawing correct focus state of QtQuickControls Button. Commit. Code review #127494
  • Fix flags compare in drawTitleBarComplexControl. Commit. Code review #127500
  • Fix 1px offset in QtQuickControls TabView frame. Commit. Code review #127464
  • Expand size of CT_ItemViewItem also with QtQuickControls. Commit. Code review #127463
  • Fix drawing QtQuickControls ComboBox popups. Commit. Fixes bug #343369. Code review #127460
  • For buttons that have neither icon nor text, assume custom button and use provided. Commit. Fixes bug #360061

Breeze GTK


  • Use QtQuick.Layouts instead of HTML to layout files. Commit.
  • Don't remove the Science applications from the Education section. Commit. Fixes bug #360920
  • Add test information. Commit.
  • Make sure we don't change the progressing attribute before starting the update. Commit.
  • Properly define what's the required Layouts version. Commit.
  • Improve test, to see if we can figure out what's going on in the CI. Commit.
  • Fall back to PackageKit when AppStream doesn't have information. Commit. Fixes bug #360919
  • Fix warnings. Commit.
  • Disable icon if the button is disabled. Commit.
  • Introduce a placeholder icon when appstream isn't providing an icon. Commit.
  • No need to store some information in every resource. Commit.
  • Remove some deprecated constructions. Commit.
  • Improve display of the applications list view. Commit.
  • Improve combined search and navigate behaviour. Commit. Fixes bug #360085
  • --warnings, --debug. Commit.
  • Offer some kind of ratings on the PackageKit backend. Commit.
  • Move the popcon parsing code to libdiscover. Commit.
  • Reduce certain memory allocations. Commit.

Plasma Addons


  • Use KLocalizedString::languages() for language list. Commit.

KDE Hotkeys

  • Explicitly set HAVE_XTEST in CMakeLists.txt, fixing mouse button faking in KHotkeys. Commit.

Info Center

  • Add alignment for label "KDE Frameworks Version". Commit. Fixes bug #360858


  • Revert "desktop grid: zoom hovered window". Commit.
  • Use a global static for animation ids. Commit. Code review #127276. Fixes bug #360068. See bug #352254
  • Ensure panel, desktop and onscreendisplay windows cannot be moved/resized. Commit.
  • [Window Rules] Fix simple shortcut not being transfered to text field. Commit. Fixes bug #360521


  • [Milou] Fix arrow keys being inverted when in a bottom panel. Commit. Fixes bug #360789

Plasma Desktop

  • Fix crash in relativeActivity. Commit. Fixes bug #361056
  • TaskManager: Force grouping for Icons-Only Task Manager. Commit.
  • Kcm_activities: Make QML-defined UI translatable. Commit.
  • Kcms/activities: Fix wrong usage of CMake macro ki18n_wrap_ui(). Commit.
  • Fixuifiles. Commit.
  • Fix memory leak in Kicker. Commit. Code review #127512
  • Handle non-existing kickoffrc correctly. Commit. Fixes bug #357029
  • Set config group. Commit. Fixes bug #357029
  • Make kcm_activities translatable. Commit.
  • Make activity manager translatable. Commit.
  • [Task Manager] Initiate drag only with left mouse button drag. Commit. Fixes bug #360720
  • Fix untranslatable string. Commit.
  • KActivitiesExperimentalStats translation domain changed. Commit.


  • Remove possible file-name in KDEPlatformFileDialog::setDirectory(). Commit. Code review #126876
  • Don't filter by name if we have mime types. Commit. Code review #127024
  • Don't create ServerSideDecoration for non-toplevel QWindows. Commit.

Plasma Audio Volume Control

  • [ListItemBase] Increase/decrease volume by scroll wheel, removing MouseArea. Commit. Code review #127476

Plasma SDK

  • Engineexplorer: Fix i18n of .ui files. Commit.
  • Engineexplorer: Set translation domain for application. Commit.

Plasma Workspace

  • Disable text wrapping in BreezeHeading. Commit.
  • PanelView: Skip invalid screen geometries in updateStruts. Commit. See bug #348043
  • Modify keyboard focus order in lock screen. Commit.
  • [DrKonqi] Reliably quit when closing report assistant. Commit.
  • Fix length returned from PanelView::geometryByDistance. Commit.

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