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Plasma 5.5.2 complete changelog

Plasma 5.5.2 complete changelog


  • Set a proper icon for the notifier plasmoid. Commit.
  • Fix type conversion issue. Commit. Fixes bug #356726

Plasma Addons

  • Remove unused cmake statements. Commit.



Plasma Desktop

  • Behave properly in popups again. Commit.
  • Fix multi-row margin tweak for vertical orientation. Commit.
  • Use tight bounding rect so we don't get a jump /up/ in size while scaling down. Commit.
  • Change taskmanager applet TextLabel's font size when switch to oxygen theme. Commit. Code review #126412
  • Don't let the panel controller put the panel into a bad-looking state. Commit.
  • [Desktop ToolBox] Hide ToolBox popup when ToolBox is disabled. Commit. Fixes bug #354682
  • Add spacing between rows. Commit.
  • Reduce margin between icon and text. Commit.
  • Make initial default panel thickness scale with DPI. Commit. Code review #126363

Plasma Workspace

  • [Containment Actions] Send along proper wheel orientation. Commit. Fixes bug #356799. Code review #126432

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