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Plasma 5.4.3 complete changelog

Plasma 5.4.3 complete changelog


  • Re-added cursor moving hack for kde4, otherwise mouse-over effects are broken after window drag. Commit.
  • Properly clip selected tab to prevent rendering artifacts. Commit.
  • Fixed bounding conditions to consistently decide whether a combobox should be flat or not. Commit. Fixes bug #354708
  • Use NETRootInfo to initiate wm move operation. Commit. Code review #125522. Fixes bug #353749
  • Install emotes and mimtetypes directories of the dark icon theme. Commit.

Plasma Addons


  • Energy: Limit org.freedesktop.UPower.Wakeups.GetData calls to one per second. Commit. Code review #125745
  • Fix connecting to QAction::triggered signal. Commit. Code review #125744




  • Load all ksgrd translations correctly. Commit.



  • Re-added code to update config's minimumsize based on the animation tab. Commit. Fixes bug #354547
  • Use NETRootInfo to initiate wm move operation. Commit.

Plasma Desktop

  • [desktopcontainment] Clip applet container while resizing it. Commit. Applet content no longer leaks outside its boundaries under certain circumstances while resizing it. Code review #125896
  • [Kickerdash] Close when opening applet settings. Commit. Application Dashboard now closes when opening its settings not to conceal them. Code review #125817
  • [Kickoff] Support mouse back button in ApplicationsView. Commit. Pressing the back button on a mouse now goes up a level in Kickoff's application view. Fixes bug #353971. Code review #125822
  • Port KAuth return code error checking in fontinst. Commit. See bug #344473. See bug #300951. See bug #345234. Code review #125555
  • [Desktop Toolbox] Keep hovered state while menu is open. Commit. Code review #125820
  • Fix stash pop messup. Commit.
  • Fix Task Manager mouse handling state corruption. Commit. Fixes bug #353752
  • Overhaul filter handling. Commit. Fixes bug #353409
  • Re-activate window on focus loss. Commit. Fixes bug #352297
  • Don't start an eventLoop from QML in menu entry editing. Commit. Fixes bug #347997. Code review #125545

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Do not load secrets for 802-1x setting when LEAP authentication algorithm. Commit. Fixes bug #354265
  • Make all bluez calls asynchronous. Commit. Code review #125785. Fixes bug #354230

Plasma Audio Volume Control

  • Install kconf_update script in kdelibs4 directory. Commit. Code review #125706
  • Use better guard against recursion when changing volume with sliders. Commit. Code review #125622
  • Allow to change volume with mouse wheel in kcm. Commit. Code review #125088
  • Fix changing volume with scrolling on high resolution touchpad. Commit. Code review #125089

Plasma SDK

  • [plasmaengineexplorer] Don't crash on invalid plugininfo. Commit. Code review #125895
  • I18n: Fix translation of Cuttlefish UI and the KTextEditor plugin. Commit.
  • Properly extract messages into cuttlefish.pot and cuttlefish_editorplugin.pot. Commit.

Plasma Workspace

  • Set alignment in PanelView scriptengine if PanelView is not created yet. Commit. Code review #125920
  • [systemtray] Use activated param of activated signal rather than currentIndex. Commit. Fixed changing applet visibility in system tray settings when clicking the options
  • Remove duplicated QIcon icon property. Commit.
  • Ensure the DesktopView has the correct size since the beginning. Commit. Fixes bug #353975
  • Window position is fundamental to determining what screen it's in. Commit.
  • ThemeChanged needs to be called on every window the panel has. Commit.
  • Use dbus-update-activation-environment. Commit. Code review #125768
  • Update the KSplash background to that 5.4 wallpaper. Commit.
  • Ensure correct timezone is displayed when the selected ones change. Commit. Code review #125709. Fixes bug #353996. Fixes bug #348612
  • Digitalclock: Use Text.HorizontalFit for date label in vertical panel. Commit. Fixes bug #351768. Code review #125625
  • When connecting a device always open the plasmoid. Commit. Fixes bug #349616
  • Include env vars from sourced files on pre-startup. Commit. Code review #125323

Plasma Workspace-wallpapers

  • Add version to follow plasma convention. Commit.

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