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Plasma 5.2.2 complete changelog

Plasma 5.2.2 complete changelog


  • Pass both caption rect and alignment as output from ::captionRect. Commit. See bug #344552
  • Find KF5GuiAddons and KF5I18n. Commit.
  • Fixed background color behind scrollbars in dolphin's side panels. Commit.
  • Removed ellision flag from captionRect (broken anyway). Commit. See bug #344552
  • On testing again breeze icons do work in gtk. Commit.
  • Create gtk-3.0 directory before putting the settings file into it. Commit.
  • Check widget validity before calling deleteLater. Commit. Fixes bug #344980
  • Return parent style method when option passed to tabBar rect is invalid, instead of full option rect. Commit. Fixes bug #344779
  • Check scrollbar policy before forwarding events. Commit. Fixes bug #343659
  • Added an explicit flag as output from captionRect to tell whether caption must be ellided or not. Commit. Fixes bug #344552

KDE GTK Config

  • Use the correct version of desktop_to_json. Commit.
  • Fix ecm_install_icons warning. Commit.
  • Configsavetest: Use QTEST_GUILESS_MAIN. Commit. Code review #123045
  • This targets are used in project; find them. Commit.
  • Simplify regular expression that matches fonts. Commit.
  • Disable test for now. Commit.
  • Fix issue in font parser. Commit.

Plasma Addons

KIO Extras


  • Fix tests (upower interface was removed long time ago). Commit.
  • KDED: Make Generator maximally fool-proof. Commit. Fixes bug #326499. Fixes bug #326120. Fixes bug #327075. Fixes bug #33716
  • KCM: Prevent a possible crash when setting up outputs with a single mode. Commit. Fixes bug #344694
  • KCM: Don't call QQuickItem::update() upon docking. Commit.
  • KCM: evaluate docking right after initial placement. Commit. Fixes bug #320012
  • Fix generator test. Commit.
  • KDED: make mode lookup in Serializer::findOutput() more bullet-proof. Commit. See bug #342675
  • KCM: Don't create new UI Widget whenever KCMKScreen::configReady is called. Commit. Fixes bug #343829
  • QMLOutput: fix rounding error in updateRootProperties(). Commit.




  • ConfigSerializer: add missing QDBusArgument::endMap() call. Commit.
  • XRandR1.1: Fix crash when connected through RDP. Commit. Fixes bug #333277
  • ConfigMonitorPrivate:: fix initialization order. Commit.


  • Add missing KF5 dependancies. Commit.


  • Remove remaining use of muonapt_export and the file itself. Commit.
  • Remove unneeded dependency. Commit.
  • Fix build. Commit.
  • Fix build on ubuntu. Commit.
  • Fix PackageKit::resourceByPackageName when an appstream package id is provided. Commit.
  • Reduce cluttering in muon-updater. Commit. Fixes bug #345304
  • Fix warnings. Commit.
  • Fix build of muon. Commit.
  • Fix build of muon. Commit.
  • Remove second calls to project(). Commit.
  • Port muon package manager away from KUniqueApplication and K4AboutData. Commit. See bug #344836
  • Fix compile, reviewed by aleix. Commit.
  • Hide categories coming from invalid backends. Commit.
  • Provide a set of plugins for a given Category. Commit.
  • Properly feed the backend name to the backend. Commit.
  • Constify. Commit.
  • Take invalid resources into account. Commit.
  • If no good categories were found, mark as invalid. Commit.
  • Store the name within the backend. Commit.
  • Micro-optimization of the day. Commit.
  • Add warning if an invalid category was found. Commit.
  • Make sure the plasmoid categories get mixed. Commit.
  • Wait to fetch the KNS backend until we have OCS providers. Commit. Fixes bug #344840
  • KNS Category files were interchanged. Commit.
  • --verbose. Commit.
  • If the shown image has a problem, skip to the next one. Commit. Fixes bug #344830
  • Add back patch for bug 331374. Commit. Fixes bug #331374. Fixes bug #344831
  • Fix Exec line so muon and muon-updater can be run from the menu. Commit.
  • Port commented-out code. Commit.
  • Remove apt-listbugs usage. Commit.
  • Fix build on older versions of KF5. Commit.
  • Add warning at least, needs a proper alternative path. Commit.
  • Support for having multiple packages using the same package name. Commit. Fixes bug #344780
  • Use xi18n() in case extended tags are being used. Commit. Fixes bug #344709
  • Fix error message. Commit.
  • Improve title when filtering by mimetype. Commit.
  • Resolve conflict. Commit.
  • Compile-time connects for the notifier. Commit.
  • Look for all updates to display for the notifier. Commit.
  • Prefer connecting to updatesChanged to polling. Commit.
  • Fix launching muon-updater from menu. Commit.
  • Only look for AppstreamQt 1.1. Commit.
  • Fix connection. Commit.
  • Add a reload action for packagekit as well. Commit.
  • Fix build of packagekit backend on master. Commit.
  • Use screenshots provided by appstream, if available. Commit.
  • Explicitly mark as override. Commit.
  • Fix Breadcrumbs display. Commit.
  • Add some spacing left and right into the MessageAction. Commit.
  • Fix build on older versions of KF5. Commit.
  • Fix build. Commit.
  • Make sure we don't get null entries. Commit. Fixes bug #321657
  • Fix last updates time report in muon-updater. Commit.
  • Fetch the package before finding the executables. Commit. Fixes bug #319006
  • Remove muon-installer. Commit.
  • Make it possible to dig more about the currently selected resource. Commit. Fixes bug #324721
  • Show the currently installed version together with the changelog. Commit. Fixes bug #323595
  • Better changelog for dummy resources. Commit.
  • Introduce a new test within the SourcesTest for APT. Commit.
  • Simplify filtering code in ResourcesProxyModel. Commit.
  • Fix glitch when removing message actions. Commit.
  • Make sure we're not using the deprecated API. Commit.
  • Remove unused variable. Commit.
  • Fix build after the renaming. Commit.
  • CMake changes around libmuonprivate. Commit. Code review #122037
  • Remove spacing in the main RowLayout. Commit.
  • Don't make kxmlgui deal with the toolbar either. Commit. Fixes bug #326713
  • Let the layout take care about the size of the SourcesPage delegate. Commit.
  • Fix crash in MessageActionsModel. Commit.
  • Use more sensible colors for Discover's message action. Commit.
  • Introduce high riority MessageActions. Commit. Fixes bug #341126
  • Simplify the implementation of the main view. Commit.
  • Add a dummy action of high importance. Commit.
  • Introduce message actions on muon discover as well. Commit. Fixes bug #331419
  • Move the message actions from the updater interface to the backend. Commit.


  • Find Qt5DBus, it is used internally. Commit.
  • Return parent style method when option passed to tabBar rect is invalid, instead of full option rect. Commit. Fixes bug #344779

Plasma Desktop

  • Extract UI messages. Commit.
  • Don't eat hover events when not visible. Commit. Fixes bug #344788
  • Search for KF5GlobalAccel. Commit.
  • Close config dialog when panel gets locked from context menu. Commit. Fixes bug #345068
  • Fix tabbar not showing up when switching to favorites from search. Commit. Fixes bug #343524
  • Fix double click. Commit.
  • Fix Bug 266760 - The autostart kcm doesn't show the correct name immediately after "adding program". Commit. Fixes bug #266760
  • Fix the no checkbox being checked for displayText config. Commit. Fixes bug #344711

Plasma Networkmanager (plasma-nm)

  • Do not ask for a pin when it's already stored in NM or set to be not required. Commit.
  • Add proper validation for GSM config widget. Commit.
  • Use QPointer for advanced permission dialog. Commit.
  • Fix 345133 - Advanced Permissions Editor doesn't work. Commit. See bug #345133
  • Correctly fix enabling/disabling actions when selection changes. Commit. Fixes bug #345021
  • Fix build. Commit.
  • WPA/WPA2 Enterprise 802-1x security setting editor displays. Commit.
  • Register dbus type returned from bluez, otherwise we alway get an error. Commit.
  • Give to last used connections higher priority. Commit.
  • Make sure that connection name or SSID is not misinterpret as HTML. Commit.
  • Make sure SSID will be displayed properly when using non-ASCII characters. Commit. See bug #342697
  • Distinguish between active connection and connection which is being activated. Commit.
  • Re-check enabled/disabled actions for a selected connection when it gets changed. Commit. Fixes bug #343606
  • Fix saving the CA cert paths. Commit. Fixes bug #344609
  • Show correct connection name. Commit. See bug #344411. See bug #334901

Plasma Workspace

  • Digitalclock: Don't reverse js timezone offset when using to generate utc from local time. Commit. Code review #123079
  • [applets/notifications] Remove all popups from the on-screen-list. Commit.
  • Add systemsettings5 to DrKonqi mappings. Commit.
  • Use fontSizeMode Text.Fit for NotificationIcon. Commit. Code review #122948
  • Don't set a width and height. Commit. Fixes bug #343657
  • Show pause/stop buttons in jobs notification only for suspendable/killable jobs. Commit. Code review #122920
  • Fix displaying label1 in job notifications. Commit. Code review #122916
  • Take Shown and Hidden status in account when showing sidebar. Commit. Fixes bug #344795
  • [libtaskmanager] Use the icon loaded from config file for launchers. Commit.
  • Don't set mode here, otherwise default will not work. Commit. Fixes bug #344701
  • Add missing import. Commit.
  • [lookandfeel] Make sure the OSD is not bigger than 1/3 of the screen. Commit. Code review #122738
  • Set aboutData for plasmashell. Commit. Code review #122704
  • [digital-clock] Invert the JS timezone offset values. Commit.


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