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Plasma 5.2 complete changelog

Plasma NM

  • Show correct connection name
  • Properly set disconnected icon when wireless network/connection is available
  • Properly render ampersand and other characters in tooltip
  • Improve workaround for older NM versions


  • Fix includes
  • Port to new connect api
  • kdelibs4support--
  • Fix add shortcutt
  • Fix signal


  • Disable session management for kwrited


  • add include(ECMOptionalAddSubdirectory)
  • use ecm_optional_add_subdirectory instead of add_subdirectory for docs, the translations may be incomplete


  • Avoid comparing unintialised variable if BREEZE_HAVE_KSTYLE is not set
  • Fix crash when switching to/from breeze
  • explicitly delete sizeGrip in destructor (apparently not done automatically) BUG: 343988
  • properly adjust menu icon size and positioning, to deal with button's offset in maximized mode. BUG: 343441
  • Initialize widget only at first successfull call to registerWidget CCBUG: 341940


  • Clean forward declaration


  • add ECMOptionalAddSubdirectory
  • use ecm_optional_add_subdirectory instead of add_subdirectory for docs, the translations may be incomplete
  • kdelibs4support--


  • Fix crash when multiple EDID requests for the same output are enqueued


  • Fix version to 5.6.1


  • Improved rendering of checkbox menu item's contrast pixel, especially when selected using Strong highlight. BUG: 343754
  • set the right widget style

Plasma Desktop

  • [Application Menu] Always sort.
  • [Application Menu] Make subdialog focus explicit.
  • [Folder View] Improve rubber band feel and consistency with Dolphin.
  • Use smooth transformation for scaling down the user picture
  • use QProcess::startDetached instead of KProcess
  • fix typo in ecm_optional_add_subdirectory
  • add subdirectories optionally for documentation because translations may be incomplete
  • When setting colour scheme information for KDE4, don't read from KF5 kdeglobals
  • Sort apps by name if configured
  • Baloo KCM: Show proper icons (porting bug)
  • allow free resize on desktop
  • the applet object has own Layout
  • more accurate position restore after delete
  • the trashcan is always in fullrepresentation
  • Reverse dns desktop
  • Fix checking the places a radio button not updating pref.
  • Add sanity checks to actions operating on selections.
  • Migrate settings
  • Fix mapping configured URL to places model entry.
  • [Folder View] Fix intra-view DND of files into folders generating wrong destination URL.
  • adjust size policies
  • kdelibs4support--
  • Port to qCDebug
  • Clean includes
  • kdelibs4support--
  • Clean up
  • leave some space for the decoration
  • [Application Menu] Port to QStyleHints and add porting TODOs for Qt 5.5+.
  • Make evaluating single vs. double click procedural.
  • Sanity checks to avoid ending up with multiple submenus.
  • Still save kde5 config into the right place
  • Sync back mouse settings into KDE4 configs
  • [Task Managers] Don't crash when a window closes while it's context menu is open.
  • properly sort the locales
  • bring back the flags
  • fix building the test
  • use KModifierKeyInfo directly to set the numlock status



  • Apply OSD silencing on AC plugging also to keyboard brightness controls
  • Don't show OSD when brightness changes due to pluggin in/out the AC
  • Fix crash when one of the combo boxes is not present
  • Fix hardware shutdown button doing nothing on desktops
  • Fix PowerDevil brightness calls breaking kded, Volume 3521
  • Ensure text in those two combo boxes is never truncated
  • Increase grace time for DPMS to 5 seconds
  • Unconditionally enable power button handling
  • Plugging in or out the AC adapter is always explicit
  • Inhibitions posted over the freedesktop interface should always inhibit everything


  • KCM: fallback to QComboBox when resolutions list is too long
  • KCM: prevent nested scrollbars when opened in System Settings
  • KCM: Block save() unti SetConfigOperation finishes
  • KLM: correctly initialize output rotation on start
  • Fix visual representation of output rotation


  • Port to new connect api


  • add include(ECMOptionalAddSubdirectory)
  • use ecm_optional_add_subdirectory instead of add_subdirectory for docs, the translations may be incomplete
  • extract UI messages correctly
  • Check GL version and/or extension for using texture format GL_R8
  • Fix glPixelStore in GLTexture::update
  • [effects] Ensure the correct cursor shape is set for mouse interception
  • fix e3768b43559fa179f497d5130c0108dd72acf266
  • save geom_restore before calling for border update
  • correctly handle virtual desktop on packing
  • Rules: make WindowRole matching case sensitive
  • do not wrap text in deco button drag source
  • updateFocusMousePosition() before some actions
  • use xcb_time_current_time as setinputfocus default
  • [kcmkwin/compositing] Fix ordering of items in keep window thumbnail combo box
  • Fix build with clang and gcc 5.0
  • [kcmkwin/options] Load/Unload WindowGeometry effect
  • [effects] Support building the effect_builtins without need to link the lib
  • Disable libinput integration if >= 0.8 is found
  • Avoid deleting an engine whilst components from our engine are still in use
  • use xembed for the qml view of window decorations modul
  • [kcmkwin/deco] Do not runtime depend on QtQuick 2.4 (Qt 5.4)
  • Trigger rebuilding of quads after creating a new DecorationShadow


  • Port to new connect api
  • Port to qcommandlineparser


  • use the static singleshot helper to delay-init the app notifier backend
  • Remove unneeded&wrong size specification
  • Add a minimum size to the notifier plasmoid
  • Fetch updates when network state changes as well.
  • Fix updates count on PackageKit backend's notifier
  • Add consistency between the List and the Grid
  • Add a warning on the console whenever an error happened
  • Fix mimetype filtering
  • Provide the mimetypes for appstream resources as well.
  • Remove jacknjoe featured source
  • Only advertise as canExecute if the executables could be found
  • Don't fetch updates details if there's no details to find
  • Improve error detection
  • Disable sources button if no sources available
  • Remove unused code
  • Fix last updates time report in muon-updater
  • Re-populate the updates model if the state of a resource changes
  • Make the installed and available versions subject to state changes
  • Played around with the Dummy backend
  • Nitpicking

Plasma Workspace

  • Set aboutData for plasmashell
  • [digital-clock] Invert the JS timezone offset values
  • [digital-clock] Improve the scrolling on the applet
  • add include(ECMOptionalAddSubdirectory)
  • use ecm_optional_add_subdirectory instead of add_subdirectory for docs, the translations may be incomplete
  • Don't show "Unknown" as author in wallpaper tooltip
  • Offer editing only for text entries
  • properly propagate info and error messages from kcheckpass and PAM
  • manage applet destruction
  • queue connection to show the alternatives dialog
  • sometimes a service from a query is invalid
  • delete containments before mass deleting views
  • make sure activtyId is migrated
  • support 22x22 icons too
  • update availableScreenRegion when deleting a panel
  • [screenlocker] Use KAuthorized::authorizeKAction for lock_screen
  • Treat normal selected timezone as local if it matches the local
  • set the right widget theme
  • fix total system freeze on some systems like my 10 inch netbook thanks Thomas Lübking for providing the patch BUG: 340294
  • Sanitize whitespace in notification popups
  • Prevent notifications from accessing the network
  • Convert to qDebug
  • Remove not necessary kdelibs4 include
  • Port to qCDebug
  • Don't let notification popup accept focus
  • Continuously update notification timestamp
  • Handle appdir directory structures in icon paths
  • Simplify and fix IconThemePath in StatusNotifierItems
  • show busy widget when needed
  • plasmashell crash reports go to plasmashell->general
  • Fix kscreenlocker not creating sessions
  • [ksld/greeter] Disable all IM modules
  • Qalculate Engine: Increase the precision
  • Slightly taller battery popup dialog
  • Fix warnings


  • Elide category names

KDE Plasma Addons

  • trigger on plasmoid activated


  • add include(ECMOptionalAddSubdirectory)
  • use ecm_optional_add_subdirectory instead of add_subdirectory for docs, the translations may be incomplete

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