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KDE 3.1.3 to 3.1.4 Changelog

This page tries to present as much as possible of the problem corrections that occurred in KDE between the 3.1.3 and 3.1.4 releases.

Please see the 3.1.2 to 3.1.3 changelog for further information.


  • Fix artsbuilder crash with changed construction order in gcc 3.3.2 release.
  • Fix stereo volume control.
  • Fix compilation problems.
  • Crash fixes.


  • Allows compilation against Qt 3.2.x
  • improvements to utf8-filename handling in KIO
  • fix nonlating-filenames in http form upload (#61721)
  • ignoring X11 errors during startup to avoid startup notification to stop early
  • Preformance improvement to KGuiItem::plainText()
  • kdesu: implement session management for kdesu-started applications.
  • khtml: fix form widget sizing when code is compiled with gcc 3.4+.
  • kio: fix bug that caused gzip-encoded webpages to fail rendering when compiled with Qt 3.2.
  • keramik widgets: fix merging mistake that caused drawing errors in comboboxes.
  • keramik widgets: Fix pixmap cachine keying, correcting odd artifacts with some colorscheme changes.
  • dcop: honor $DCOPAUTHORITY which allows to specify an alternative location than $HOME for .DCOPserver_xxx
  • kcookiejar: fix cookie handling cornercase
  • kdeinit: support read-only home directories
  • artsd: fix restart
  • khtml: code fixes to avoid miscompilation of SunProCC under Solaris
  • kate: fix offering of default encoding when saving a file.
  • netwm: fix massive memory leak (showing up e.g. in kicker).
  • kate: fix compilation under aCC.
  • khtml: several crash fixes. Qt 3.2.x compatibility fixes. rendering improvements.
  • khtml: merging bug that caused the famous scrollbar problem fixed.
  • klistview: massive performance improvement in alternative color background handling
  • khtml/java: improved handling of slightly malformed urls.
  • kio: only cache successful passwords, otherwise its impossible to re-enter a password when it failed authorisation the first time.


  • gcc 3.4+ compile fixes.
  • Debian packaging updates.



  • Debian packaging updates.


  • kdialog: Fixed "--warningcontinuecancel".
  • Konqueror: Don't crash when opening a directory in tab from the navigation panel
  • KDM: Fix weak cookie generation / local root
  • smb:// slave: improve error handling.
  • khotkeys: allow usage of global config file for site-wide configuration.
  • kwin: fix mouse grabbing problem with _NET_WM_MOVERESIZE.
  • krdb: improve exported colorsheme for Adobe acroread.
  • fonts kcontrol: improve configure check to handle newer fontconfig releases which use pkg-config.
  • kwin: fix "left click into active window in background does not raise" bug
  • KDM: implement parsing of display names that contain dashes.
  • kicker: memory leak fixes.
  • khotkeys: crash fix.
  • konsole: ported grantpty to FreeBSD.
  • ksmserver: support read-only home directory.
  • Improve FreeBSD support in fish://.
  • kdesktop: accept empty password if account has no password set.
  • konqueror: ensure that we don't change the servicetype, in case the mimetype is ambiguous.
  • konqueror: Fix handling of wildcard file selection / unselection.
  • konqueror: fix crash when trying to drag the location label.
  • konqueror's listview: selected items don't get unselected anymore during DnD operation
  • thumbnail creator: fix filedescriptor leak.
  • thumbnail creator: fix Postscript thumbnail rendering.


  • Package / build updates.


  • kstars: Fix bug which essentially made all Southern Hemisphere locations to report that Daylight savings time was always active.
  • kvoctrain: fix crash on inline editing.
  • kstars: Implement altitude shift caused by atmospheric refraction.


  • ksokoban: fix rare crash on startup.
  • katomic: fix compile warnings.
  • kasteroids: Fix checked/unchecked "pause" action
  • kasteroids: Don't connect the cancel button twice to reject slot.
  • gcc 3.4+ compile fixes.


  • kiconedit: Fix 'Paste As New' action.
  • kiconedit: make configuration dialog modal.
  • kiconedit: icon preview area uses the background settings now.
  • kiconedit: improve "image is modified" handling.
  • kiconedit: improve mouse cursor pixmaps.
  • kiconedit: fix loading/saving logic to be more robust.
  • kiconedit: correctly display icons with an alpha channel.
  • kamera: fix handling of PTP based cameras.
  • kghostview: fix stopping of download indicator when download is cancelled.
  • kghostview: fix CTRL-M accelerator clash.


  • compile fixes with newer gcc 3.3 releases.
  • compile fixes for upcoming gcc 3.4 release.
  • noatun: memory leak fix.
  • kscd: massive memory leak fix.
  • kaboodle: fix segfault during exit.
  • noatun: fix rare crash when playlist entries are deleted.




  • Debian packaging updates.



  • compile fixes for upcoming gcc 3.4 release
  • kdf: Fixed memory leak
  • ksim: Fixed memory leak
  • kedit: Made Undo/Redo possible when inserting files


  • resolve symlinks before opening a file [#60860 ]
  • don't insert the "<meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=..." line when using the Quick Start dialog [#61500 ]
  • fix CTRL-C behavior [#62624]
  • fix message window handling
  • fix script action error output handling
  • honour the "Do not load the modified version from disk." setting in the dirty file dialog

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